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Elders Pray This for Your Sheep!

Elders Pray This for Your Sheep!

What do we pray about that really helps those we are praying for? Certainly, we pray that God will bring restoration to hurting relationship, physical healing..

Shepherding Requires Intentionality

Shepherding Requires Intentionality

It has been my experience as well as my observation that the most difficult counseling cases typically are the result of people who have not been…

From Our Friends

“Eric gets our identity in Christ. His material has been extremely helpful in the lives of the men in our church. We are easily moored into idolatry but the clarity of Eric’s words and exposition of scripture brings people back to the life-giving truth. Most importantly, he cares about and loves our people so that the words are imbued with the power of love. ”

Nathan Scholl


“Having dedicated my life to the equipping of future leaders, I’m well aware of the maxim, ‘As goes the family, so goes society.’ No one understands this better than Eric Wallace… This is a vital, creative ministry and I heartily encourage you to support it with your prayer and financial contributions.”

Jeff Myers, Ph.D

President, Summit Ministries

Bring Home the Joy of the Gospel

bring home the joy of the gospel

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