in Christ For Kids

Why Would Your Child Want to Walk With Jesus?

Being a Christian is not easy. “Wanting to” is critical to growth and perseverance.

One of the best things we can do to help a child want to walk with Jesus is to help them find joy in him. Is nurturing joy even on our parenting radar screen? As parents we need to find and model this joy and help our children do the same.

We have compiled several examples of our identity in Christ to share with your children. Included are corresponding verses and conversation starters.

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How We Help


Step 1- Rediscover

the joy of the gospel through our identity in Christ.

Step 2- Restore

the gospel’s indicative imperative principle to how we live.

Step 3- Reinforce

gospel application through four simple patterns.

Step 4- relate

the gospel in our churches and neighborhoods through hospitality.