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Love Notes

In this episode, Eric gets caught off guard by the topic! Listen to Leslee fill him in on what love notes mean to her. Enjoy a heartwarming and practically encouraging conversation.

• (18:46 min)

Marriage booklist


Great Marriage Booklist

This little booklet is an easy quick read and provides a treasure chest of helpful information. CCEF publishes a series of these booklets on many topics, we highly recommend them all. We reference them often.


Unique and Cheap Dates

Our team has pulled together some of our favorite date night ideas to share with you!

hand holding

What Does a Young Man Need to Know to be Ready to Marry?

Date September 19, 2022Categories Home Marriage Parenting Early this year, one of my adult sons moved out of state. Since then, he and I have talked almost every Sunday afternoon. A few weeks ago, during one of our conversations he asked, “What do I need to know in...

Wanna Get Away?

Date September 15, 2022Categories Home Marriage Parenting Main Point: We need physical and spiritual rest. Slow down to listen to the Lord. Marinate in God’s word. Pray. Decompress. While my article addresses men directly as leaders in the home, it applies equally to...

Five Ways to Love your Husband

Our husbands work hard and often times, unfortunately, they get our leftover energy after a long day. Here are a few simple ways that we can love them well.

Seven Ways to Pray with Your Wife

Prayer is one very important ways we demonstrate—as a couple—our dependence upon God…for help in specific situations…and for the joy that each of us needs every day.

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